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Regit Express Point of Sale for Windows




Powerful, Proven, and Affordable Since 1984

American Precision Instruments has been providing merchants all over the world with Powerful, Proven, and Affordable POS software since we first released Regit POS in 1984.  Now American Precision Instrument has released Regit Express, a free, powerful point of sale system whose wide range of  features will meet the needs of many retail merchants.  


       Connects with receipt printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, customer displays, scales, and other POS Equipment.


       5 Free Optional Android Apps for ordering merchandise, remotely entering transactions, verifying and updating inventories, lookup of complete merchandize information, and remotely entering transactions.  These Apps are great alternatives to expensive data collectors.


        Registration Optional.


       Integrated support available for Credit Card & Debit Card processing.


       Impressive list of features will meet or surpass the needs of most retail merchants.


     Built on Microsoft's .Net Framework.


      International--supports countries using either the dot/period or the comma as the decimal separator with either inclusive or exclusive sales tax.




Sample Screen Shots

Main Transaction Screen


 Expensive Data Collectors Replaced by our 5 versatile Android Apps


You probably already have this equipment

Touch Screen Option (26 Levels)


 Endless Reports



Grid/Spreadsheet Style Databases with Full SQL Capabilities


Multiple Entry Screens



Graphical Reports


Instruction Manual


Bar Code Label Printing


See Full List of Features Here