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Download Instructions For Free Regit Express POS


First, Regit Express uses  Microsoft's .Net Framework, Version 4.0 or above.  The .Net Framework if freely distributed by Microsoft and can be downloaded from here:



  Note:  .Net Framework should be preinstalled on Windows 8.1/10 versions, if you have Windows 7 and your Automatic Windows Updates is on, you most likely have the .Net Framework installed.  You can check in the Control Panel's  "Programs" Category.  The installation program will also check and warn you if it is not installed.


Then, download/install Regit Express POS:

Download Regit Express POS Free Version

Note: Regit Express Installation/Setup package is not Code Signed so you will get an "Unknown Publisher" Warning during installation.

Download/View Quick Start Guide

What's New -- View Regit Express Version History


Please Note:  All downloads from our site are CLEAN, NO CRAPWARE will install on your computer with any of our downloads.


Other Downloads

Regit Express's .pdf  manual and Regit Express Bar Code Labels' .pdf manuals are included with the installation of Regit Express and can be located in the c:\RegitExpressV4 folder following installation.  The manuals may be viewed or printed with Adobe Acrobat or your favorite .pdf viewer.  The manual can also be accessed from the Regit Express HELP menu.  The copies below are provided for those who wish to view the manual and features of Regit Express or Regit Express Bar Code Labels prior to installing the program.

All documentation files are in .pdf  format.  If your computer has an association with .pdf files, these files will display rather than download.  To download rather than display, right click the download link and "Save Target As...".


Download Regit Express POS Free Version
Download Instructions for Upgrading Regit Express Version 3 to Regit Express Version 4
Download Regit Express Manual (included in Regit Express download/install)
Download Regit Express Bar Code Labels Manual (included with full Free Regit Express download/install)
Download Instructions for Setup/Using SPI Gateway Services PayGuardian with Regit Express
Download Instructions for Setup/Using Assure with Regit Express
Download Instructions for Setup/Using XCharge with Regit Express
Download Instructions for Setup/Using Merchant Warehouse with Regit Express
Download EZ Inventory Program  (Laptop Version)
Download EZ Inventory Program  (Android Version)
Download Regit Express Quick Start Guide
Download Regit Express Plus Purchase Order Module Manual
Download Scan List Standalone Bluetooth Print Listener
Download Product Table Repair Utility
Download Product Record Repair Utility